Respectful Parenting

Respectful Parenting
Worth it?

100%. When we lead our children by being firm and kind instead of authoritarian, our kids benefit.

Did you know that children who are shouted at to curb behaviour spend more time in survival ‘fight or flight’ mode, which means they aren’t in a head space for learning? So shouting to “teach them a lesson” is quite literally doing the total opposite.

Being able to regulate our own triggered emotions to our children’s bad behaviour is really hard. Most of us have never been taught to do that and it feels unnatural when all we know is shouting.

I definitely find it difficult to remain calm when my kids aren’t calm.

But I’m ALWAYS reminding myself in my head to just BREATHE. I remember that my child’s brain is underdeveloped. I remember that they need me the most when their behaviour is the worst. I remember that all behaviour is communication and that they need my help. And I step away to take a break if things feel too much for me (always kindly telling my child first).

It’s ok if you’re struggling on this pursuit of being a respectful parent. You’re here, you’re trying and you’re doing great.

I see you.

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