Sunday Chaos

Sunday Chaos

Nothing relaxing about it.

A reminder that gentle, respectful parenting isn't about training kids to be perfect little regulated angels. My kids were all over the shop today.

Gentle and respectful parenting is about learning to regulate YOURSELF!! So you don't lose it in the face of typical child behaviour. Coz mannnnn it can be tiring and triggering and everything in between.

We forgot shoes, the kids fought, the house got messier, the laundry pile grew and there were tantrums. Just part of the daily, crazy sacrifice that is having young children. I'm just breaaaathing through it and remembering that this time will pass and I'll miss it. At least parts of it. And my house can be tidy when I'm old.

If you had a chaotic day - I'm right there with you.

You've got this.

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