Sharing my chaotic evening of parenting

Sharing my chaotic evening of parenting

Hats off to solo parents.

Bedtime can be SOOOO triggering. All you want is for everyone to calm down and go to sleep so you can finally have some time to yourself. And by time to yourself that typically means cleaning up loads of mess and preparing for tomorrow.

Sharing as a reminder that everyone is going through it. Every evening is chaos in my house - my 4 year old is going through some sort of sleep regression where he stays up really late. It's 8.30pm and he's still faffing around in his bed.

This period is exhausting but it's short and they're only little once. I'm breathing through it and trying to make a play experience out of everything. Play is a child's language after all.

You've got this. We've all got this. Share your chaos below.

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