Should Kids do Chores?

Should Kids do Chores?

Child labour?

Taking the time to involve our kids in daily tasks has so many benefits.
- they get to learn life skills
- they're alongside you learning language and connecting
- heaps of fine and gross motor development
- they get a sense of purpose, like they're part of the team keeping the house running
- you can get housework done

The key is to follow their lead and have patience. I don't believe preschoolers shouldn't have any chores / jobs that they are forced to do. But I involve my kids in anything they're interested in having a go at.

✨ stacking/emptying the dishwasher, washing dishes, putting laundry on, folding clothes, bringing in groceries, putting groceries away, washing windows, tidying toys, wiping surfaces.

If your child is showing interest, give them a job to do alongside you. It'll even help you to find the fun in chores.

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