My kids are fighting over a toy - What we can say

My kids are fighting over a toy - What we can say

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The way you speak to your kids is EVERYTHING and it can mean the difference between everything working out and everyone having a meltdown!

I find that this fun and supportive way of getting on side with your kids really helps them to work things out. Here's why.

1. The frustrated kid feels heard and seen. They want they toy, you've noticed that and you're going to help.

2. The kid with the toy gets to hear what they could do next to be a really awesome sharer, a kind person, and a good friend. Those things all feel good in their bodies plus they're likely to get praise from you - so they do it.

This is going to work best when you take the time to give out heaps of praise when things are going well between your kids.

"I love how you handed that to your brother, that's so kind and wonderful sharing"

"you guys are being such good friends to each other"

"you can say "its my turn, you can have a turn next" that's a helpful thing to say"

Kids haven't yet learned how to work out these little arguments they get themselves into and they don't have the logic, the impulse control nor the language skills to do it effectively without us - so no wonder there's loads of quarrels between them.

So get your modelling on and show them with your words how they can help each other and be good sharers.

You've got this!

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