How to Refer to Genitals when Talking to Children – an SLT View

How to Refer to Genitals when Talking to Children – an SLT View

Talking about and referring to genitals.

We absolutely use the proper terms for genitals when we talk about them in our house. That’s ‘Penis’ and ‘Vulva’.

If you don’t know that it’s vulva over vagina, it’s probably because your family felt totally uncomfortable talking about genitals, as did their parents. It just leads to people not knowing the names for their own anatomy.

I want to raise a child that’s confident in talking about their bodies which is important for consent and also being able to tell trusted adults when there’s something not going right for them and just that they grow up unto adults knowing the words for their own genitalia.

We’re also having conversations about not all men having a penis and not all women have vulvas. Because we’re progressive and that is the world that we live in.

I think it’s very important to use the proper words. Every time you use a silly name for genitalia you’re saying that that area is shameful, that the area is something that can’t be talking about and it should absolutely be talked about.

We all have genitalia.

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