5 Reasons Your Preschooler Isn't Listening To You

5 Reasons Your Preschooler Isn't Listening To You


If adults were to record themselves all day then listen back and tally up allllll the times they give their child a direction, or asked them a question (things that require a response) - my bet is that we'd be horrified at how much pressure our little ones are under.

A LOT of their day is about listening and responding, so its no wonder that there are points that we feel they're "just not listening". There's good reason for it - and the reason is NEVER that they're naughty or manipulative. They're just trying to be their own person.

If you're going through this at the moment and feeling triggered by it, remember that your child isn't doing this to annoy you, being annoyed is your brain's response. Here are some strategies to get you both back on the same page:

of the requests and questions you're putting forward and determine which ones are actually necessary. Can you make some decisions for them, give them some more leeway or reduce your expectations on their developing brains?

We're the ones in a rush but our kids are cruising. If things are getting frantic, try to create more time. E.g. Start getting ready to go out 10 minutes earlier.

We don't always have to be the authoritarians and it's healthy for our kids to push back. Just make sure that when you reach a decision, you gently hold your boundaries.

Connection is the best tool in your tool box. Meet them where they're at and try to understand their perspective. Show them that you understand what they're feeling.

Do what you say you're going to do. Make sure dinner is actually ready when you say "dinner's ready". Gently support them to leave the park when you've said playtime is over - don't let it drag on. We have to do what we mean!! We shouldn't have to repeat ourselves or get louder/more agressive, just physically step in to gently hold a boundary.

Tag a parent who's sick of repeating themselves!!

You've got this.

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