Help! My toddler won't stop throwing toys

Help! My toddler won't stop throwing toys

“stop throwing” doesn’t work. Here’s what does.

Our kids need to learn how to throw and they obviously want to practice this skill. We just often don’t like to see it because they choose the wrong things to throw in the wrong places.

We can actually support this behaviour by practising throwing. Crazy, right?!

But by practising throwing the right things, our kids are more likely to choose those things again and throw appropriately.

Find lots of soft things together then find a tub, basket or box. Take turns throwing things across the room and into the container. Not only are you supporting hand eye coordination and following your child’s lead, you’ll be helping their behaviour.

If your child DOES try to throw something they shouldn't - what you say makes all the difference. Instead of saying "don't" or "stop", try gently but physically preventing the throwing and telling them what they CAN do. Here are some scripts:
"let's find some soft things to throw"
"you can throw that outside, I'll open the door"
"this one's hard so we can roll or slide it"

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