Wreck your lounge to help your kids to go to sleep

Wreck your lounge to help your kids to go to sleep

Are you brave enough for this?

The type A among us LOVE a tidy lounge and don’t get me wrong - I do too.

But when you know the benefits of vigorous play before bed, you may be tempted to let loose a little.

Big body movements like rough housing, jumping, flipping and crashing into things is fantastic energy exertion before bed. Children let off steam, laugh, connect with you, and get some sensory feedback to promote self-regulation.

Use our sofa cushions, blankets and pillows to create crash mats and let loose a little! It can all be put back easily enough afterwards.

Your kids will absolutely love it and you’re setting them up for a solid night of sleep.

Are you brave enough? Share with a friend who might be keen to make their lounge into soft play!!

Watch the full reel here

Oh and yep - my kids fell asleep in seconds after this!

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