Install Slip-Safe Spots with me

Install Slip-Safe Spots with me

Say "no" to bathing in mould.

We designed our slip-safe spots when we were exasperated by bath mats getting grimy and mouldy no matter what we did to try and keep them 'nice'.

I felt like I kept having to choose the lesser of two evils: stop my child slipping with a mouldy mat or risk my child slipping with no mouldy mat.

Enough was enough.

Slip-safe spots adhere to smooth, untreated surfaces. You can even stick them to smooth tiles (just avoid the grout lines).

Nothing lasts forever - slip safe spots won't either. Depending on what kind of wear and tear you put them through, they will need to be replaced at some point. But you can rest easier knowing that your child is protected from slipping and isn't frolicking around in mould.

Slip-safe spots are also great for the elderly, and for anyone with mobility issues who may be more at risk of slipping. I know I wish I had these when I was heavily pregnant and trying to get out of the bath!

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