My Little Helper

My Little Helper

We're the kind of adults who let our house get incredibly messy then on Sundays we try and claw it back to somewhat tidy. Auggie loves helping and we always give him a job. At the very least, we give him something to fiddle with close by so that we can talk him through what we're doing and he can learn through watching. 

Today he: helped fill the dishwasher, closed it and turned it on, vacuumed the floor with Dad, put clothes in the washing machine, unfolded a load of clothes we'd just folded, put some toys away in the basket, put herbs on the fish for dinner, put peas and sweetcorn in a pan, filled the kettle, washed the counter top and wiped down the shower! 

This was ALL incredible learning for him. Whilst it seems boring to us, helping around the house is fab for motor development, language development and an understanding of daily life. Food just doesn't appear suddenly cooked! .
FOR YOUNGER BABIES - they can still have a role. Have them lie or stand close by. Give them something to hold. Help them to push buttons to start things like the washing machine. Talk them through all the steps. It's still beneficial for them. 

What daily activities does your baby help with?

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