Life Skills

Life Skills

It's quicker and easier to do most things for our babies. It's also way less messy. But every opportunity we take to involve them - they learn so much more than we can imagine. Remember - they're learning everything from us, so if they don't get to practice then they don't learn.
We all get into habits in our daily routines and we're often so used to doing everything for our little ones that we sometimes underestimate what they can do. And we should NEVER underestimate them! 

Here are some videos of how I involved August in some of our daily activities. I always try to give him a job or a part to play, even if it's tiny, and I keep him alongside me so he can observe how I do things.

PRO TIP: If you give your baby the LAST STEP in the activity, they get that feeling of success in finishing a job. If you give them the start of the job then you have to step in to fix it or finish it, this wont feel as good. Here you see me peel 99% of a mandarin so August can do the last bit and feel the success. If I'd only peeled 10% he probably would have failed and got bored /annoyed with the task. 

Other things I involved August in today:

  • unzipping his sleep suit.
  • putting toothpaste on the brush.
  • legs up for nappy and dropping nappy into the bin.
  • pushing his own arms and legs into clothes.
  • pushing clips in pushchair.
  • getting and holding the post.
  • opening / shutting doors.
  • fastening shoes
  • chopping fruit
  • feeding the dog
  • watering the plants.
  • put the dishwasher on
  • wipe his hands, face and the table 

How do you involve your baby?

Click here to watch how he got involved

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