Make shopping with kids easier

Make shopping with kids easier

It's okay for kids to act like kids in shops. they can be noisy. They can sing. They can explore the feeling of frozen food on their skin. If you model calm and in control they'll be calmer and in control. 

Here are some things you can do to make it easier:

  1. Snacks
    – Bring food and make the most of the free fruit. 
  2. "Hands on the handle/smart hands"
    – fastest to sit smartly gets handed food to launch into the trolley.
  3. Find and fetch
    – Free rein to run in the aisle to find and bring something you need.
  4. Spot the cameras
    – The security cameras watch and make sure nobody is stealing or fighting...
  5. Search for a snack
    – Eyes peeled for one thing they can buy and hold until it's paid for then can enjoy
  6. I spy
    – Describe the item on our shopping list. "Something long and yellow and in a bunch"
  7. Zoomies
    – Push them fast, sometimes out in front so you have to 'chase them down'
  8. Sing
    – I like to eat, eat, eat, chicken and potatoes. Chips and strawberry yoghurt. Have them add silly lyrics.

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