Cleaning: Functional Play – Life Skills

Cleaning: Functional Play – Life Skills

Whilst most of us loathe cleaning - babies tend to love it. They see us swiping around a wet cloth and they want to do the same - and why can't they?

For a while now I've been offering August his own cleaning tools. In the beginning everything was just dropped in the floor. The cloth was chewed a bit and thrown, or waved around. But the important thing here is that IT WAS OFFERED. Our babies will never get to practice anything if we assume they won't be able to do it or if we expect too much. 

How to:
Hand your baby a cloth! This is a baby flannel. Have also given him a squirty bottle full of water. He doesn't know how to use it (yet) but it leaks a bit if he shakes it. I give him his own tools and then I show him mine and clean alongside him. It's up to him whether he wants to join in or not. 

This activity is great for learning the language of daily life. It's great for motor skills. It's great for learning functional living skills. It's great for getting your house clean. There's absolutely no excuse not to try it!

Watch the video here

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