How we clean our floor bed with the Growbright Airnest

How we clean our floor bed with the Growbright Airnest

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I bought my first @growbright mattress long before August was born because I knew I wanted to skip the cot and go straight to a floor bed.

I’d never heard about a floor bed until I was pregnant. The more I read about it, the more the idea resonated with me. I wanted to create a safe space that August could move about freely and safely, without being confined to his bed.

Jon built the bed frame to fit a cot mattress. As the mattress would be on the floor, my priority was choosing an easy to clean mattress.

The Growbright Airnest mattresses are completely washable. The whole thing! This makes them perfect for littlies because you can ensure there’s no build up of nasties - you just wash the cover and hose down the mattress inner. Its also really breathable and super comfy (have definitely spent a night or two in there with the kids).

I’ve added the Growbright Airnest junior pillow this week to help prop up little, snotty Etta! It really helps to anchor her and she’s less all over the shop!

You can use code ‘ZAZI15’ at check out for all things @growbright. We have the mattresses, the junior pillows, the adult pillows, the breastfeeding pillow, the pregnancy pillow, the sheets….. can you tell we’re fans?!

There’s more info about all things Floor-bed in our floorbed highlight.

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