Helping around the house: Clothes Sorting

Helping around the house: Clothes Sorting

We don't have to spend all of naptime setting up a crafty sensory play experience for our babies - there's plenty to interest them in the everyday workings of Mam life! 

Until recently - I used to leave all laundry- related jobs for when August was asleep, folding clothes in front of the telly and getting everything put away. I've changed things up a bit because I think it's important for August to see the laundry process and I'd like him to help more and more as and when he can. 

This morning, August helped drop the laundry into the washing machine and he tipped in the laundry liquid (dropped the whole cap in so I had to dig for it). He pressed the 'on' button. When it was finished - he helped me load it into the dryer. YES this takes longer with a baby but hey - he was occupied. Then when it was finished I brought the basket into the lounge to sort. 

August has 'sorted' washing for 30 whole minutes and only stopped because of nap time. I've been taking out items, naming them and folding them, meanwhile he drags things in and out and throw them and feels them between his fingers and sees what happens when he puts them all in a pile. It's all experimentation on his part and he's loved it. 

YOUNGER BABIES could lie on the floor and feel different clean clothes items. Smell them. Throw them, lie under them.
OLDER BABIES could start to fill their own basket with things they recognise as theirs. 

For August - he's stood up and down way more than any other activity. He's enjoyed emptying but is also starting to find enjoyment in filling the basket back up to pack away (long may that continue). There were zips and buttons to fiddle with and he saw his Mammy and Daddy working hard. He listened as we named the clothes items and sorted which were His, Mammy's or Daddy's. Later he'll see us put things away in the drawer. 

What a great life skill to teach our kiddies :) 

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