Washing up

Washing up

We all have to do it and most of us loathe it but kids LOVE IT. Why? It's water play!! 

Daily household activities are really important for our little ones to understand. They're great life skills and this kind of heuristic play introduces them to everyday items and their functions. 

Today I set August up with his own washing up bowl and some of his own cutlery/ cups / containers. I showed him how to wash them and dry them. VOILA - a whole half an hour of learning through play plus clean items to show for it! 

washing setup

PREPARE. We put the play mat on the kitchen floor. You could use towels. Or baby blankets. Or nothing at all.
Fill a container with warm water and something bubbly. I just used washing up liquid but if your babe is sensitive then maybe use their bubble bath or similar. Gather their utensils. Have a towel or mop nearby. PRO TIP - fewer containers means less tipping onto the floor! 

PLAY! Balance between letting your baby explore and showing them how we wash things up and out them out to dry. 

LANGUAGE. - Label the items.
- talk about what you're doing "you're washing your spoon". "You're splashing". -use the sign for 'wash'.

Watch the experience here

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