Why I let my kids play with tools

Why I let my kids play with tools

⚠️How risky?⚠️

We don't tend to associate tools with preschoolers. Naturally - we tend to think "err no - they'll stab their eyes out and wreck my home - they can have toy versions". But when our kids are supported to engage with tools safely, there are SO MANY benefits for their developing brains.

There's not a lot of margin for error wirh real tools because actions have real consequences. Kids learn that they can have impact and make change - it's a crash course in practical physics.

Kids can actually achieve something with real tools. They look like adults and have a sense of purpose, plus they experience you putting their trust in them. They'll feel very important!

Kids are more likely to concentrate for longer with real tools that actually do something and change something.

Precision is key when using tools and practice makes perfect - so tool exposure really works on their coordination skills.

Risky play helps children to safely test their boundaries. They learn what they can and can't do with sharper objects with the support of an adult, and learn how to protect their body.

Learning the names of the tools, listening to and giving instructions is all fantastic communication development. When others are involved in the play, turn taking and negotiation skills are also strengthened.

Yes you can role play with fake tools, but real ones take things to another level, allowing them to act out scenarios that they've seen adults in. It can support their enthusiasm for building, fixing, engineering and creating.

⚠️Are you typically risk averse?
Remember: our kids can only learn to be safe with tools by being supported to engage with them safely.
Risky play is so fantastic for development - so if we have the means, it's absolutely worth giving this a try.

Has your child played with real tools before? Let me know in the comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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