Embracing Messy Play Indoors

Embracing Messy Play Indoors


We pull out water play every day without fail. Come rain or shine. Kids love it, it keeps them occupied for ages plus I know they're learning HEAPS from the experience.

What looks like just splashing and pouring to us is so much more.
👏 grabbing and lifting and manoeuvring and scrubbing and stirring items is working on all kinds of motor skills and hand-eye coordination
👏 tipping and pouring supports early maths skills, problem solving, investigating and experimenting
👏 communication skills are developed as they negotiate with and join in with their peers or an adult
👏 they're exploring their senses as they feel, see, hear and smell during water play
👌it overall builds their confidence

It's a no brainer. Preschools nearly always have water play set up for kids and this is why. So I always want to give my kids as many learning experiences at home as possible.

I SAVE MY CARPET by using a Messy Mat. They're super absorbent so they suck up all the water - no kids slipping here. PLUS there's a waterproof layer so no water seeps down into your carpet or floor.

Mats are also a great visual representation of where mess can go - so kids understand the boundaries of their play.

They're MADE TO GET MESSY - just chuck them in the washing machine. (The mats, not the kids).

Watch the full reel here

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