DIY Car Wash

DIY Car Wash

Who's kid would LOVE this?!

Tag a friend who's kid would go wild for this sort of play set up.

🚘My kids are really into car wash play at the moment.

🚓They pretend that they're cars at bathtime and we have to clean them.

🚗They race around the house then through a 'car wash' made of sofa cushions

🚔I took them through a real drive-through car wash a fortnight ago and they haven't stopped asking to go back!

SO I took great pleasure in setting this little activity up for them and was so excited to see their faces.

- I harnessed my poor engineering skills and made a structure out of duplo
- I found some foam paper in an old craft kit and snipped along it to make a washing curtain thing
- I added fun sensory elements like blue water and a watering can with soapy water
- I put some washing implements in there - old sponge paint brushes etc
- gathered all their toy cars
- wet the cars slightly and Sprinkled them with cocoa powder to make them 'dirty'

THEY BLOODY LOVED IT. Honestly - go and set this up tonight so it's ready for your little one in the morning. Their little exited faces are always worth the effort.

YES you can play with water indoors - just chuck down one of our messy mats. They're absorbent so they catch all the mess then you just throw them in your washing machine - magic. Don't less mess-anxiety prevent you from having fun play and learning experiences!

You've got this!

Watch the full reel here

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