Treasure Tubes

Treasure Tubes

We were gifted these gorgeous treasure tubes from @playitforwardnz. I've wanted them for aaaaages so I felt super lucky to have them turn up.

I really want to use these to display the things we find when we go on outings. August picked up all sorts of bits of leaves and feathers when we wandered the botanical gardens so after talking about what he gathered, we pocketed them to bring home. I set him up with all his pieces to post into the jars and put the lid on. They were a winner because he loves putting lids on things but he's fascinated that he can peep inside.

treasure tubes

Language opportunities:
Gathering treasures is fantastic for 2 reasons. 1=you can talk about each piece, label and describe it. "Wow you've found a feather. It came from the bird, look. It's white and fluffy". And 2= you can use what you gathered to retell the story of your adventure using lots of past tense language. E.g. "Look at your feather! You picked that up at the gardens when we went for a walk. It fell off the bird's wing."

Do you collect things from your outings?! We're just getting started so would love your ideas.

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