Clock Creation

Clock Creation

I found this fab plywood clock kit on the kmart website and knew it'd be PERFECT for August because he's obsessed with pointing out clocks and saying 'tick tock'. Plus I'd accidentally smashed our kitchen clock so I thought we'd craft our own!

So - we had two painting opportunities. The first one we did outside with a paintbrush. I put Auggie in waterproofs for easy clean up and I pre painted the clock white for a good base colour. I let Auggie do his thing! Now I've watched that first video back, I can hear he's saying "ya-ah" (yoghurt) so obviously he thought the paint was yoghurt! No wonder he was desperate to eat it! Later and when the pink layer had dried, we had a finger painting session inside with a couple of other colours. It turned into hand-bashing painting and it was really fun!

Painted Clock

If you're scared of mess - remember that messy play is super important for development. It's all about the preparation so have cloths ready. Alternatively - paint in the bath or shower so that you're in an easily cleanable space and you can bathe your baby straight away after.

We use FAS brand paint. It's non toxic kids paint. Warehouse sells it. Ours is from Creative Classrooms.

I painted some numbers on the clock and put the mechanism back together and voila - we have a new clock. August LOVES it and so do we.

Watch it here

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