Bird Seed Sensation

Bird Seed Sensation
Bird seed is an excellent option for dry messy/sensory play- especially outside!! You can choose to either scoop it all back up for play another time or just to scatter it on the grass to lure every bird within a 10k radius. And better still - you can get bird seed at any grocery store in the pet section so you don't have to go out of your way to pick some up.

I just chucked some in our play tray @playitforwardnz with some measuring cups and wooden spoons/scoops. I let August explore and didn't intervene. He chose to practically skate on top of it like Bambi on ice, then enjoyed putting handfuls of it down the pikler ramp.

OBSERVING PLAY: It's so important to sit back and watch your baby to really see what it is that they're interested in, because interests change as they grow and learn different things. I can see that August is really into trajectory play (watching things move, sliding things down a slide) and transferring play (moving things from one place to another) and enclosure play (putting himself or things inside other things). You don't need to know any posh schema references to watch your baby - just watch and help them do more of the same. Off the back of this bird seed play, I got a small container of sand out so that August could explore that in a similar way. Sadly for me, he was into sprinkling sand on my head 😬😬😬

Loved that it was warm enough to take our play outside today. Did anyone else take their play outdoors?

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