They see me rollin'

They see me rollin'

We continued exploring the rotation schema this afternoon by rolling our ball-pit balls down the pikler ramp. I put the kinderboard at the bottom to catch them all. We're super lucky to have these pieces in our isolation bubble but if you don't - no big deal. A piece of wood, a container lid, cardboard or a sofa cushion could all be put on an angle!

August is at the age and stage now where he's interested in putting the balls at the top and watching where they go, but don't avoid doing this one just because you think your little one is too young. We've definitely done this many times before and when August was TINY. It's great for eye tracking and understanding cause and effect and movement. Your baby could watch the balls as you slide them - they could even catch them at the bottom!

💚 colours of the balls
💚 size of the balls if yours are varied
💚 location, e.g. "Top of the ramp", "bottom of the ramp" "onto the floor"
💚 adjectives: rolling, putting, sliding, standing, grabbing, catching
💚 noisy words: "weeee" "whoosh".

Click here to watch August's engagement

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