Camping by Torch light

Camping by Torch light

August loved playing with the torch yesterday so I thought I'd set him up with a camp to shine it in. We can't both fit under the pikler triangle or the clothes horse so I pulled out the big guns and dragged the kitchen table into the lounge. Covered in old blankets - it was nice and dark inside - the perfect environment to read some stories by torch light. 

Silly me forgot our high chair doesn't have a tray so come lunch time we had to dine at our camp. But never mind. August loves the option of crawling in and out of the little door space. He's put a few toys and books in there. Baby Mei 美 has hung out for a while too. 

Torch Play

⛺️ positional language: in and out.
⛺️ talking about the torch. 'Off and on' including the signs for this - find them in my bedtime highlight'.
⛺️ great place to read books - ample language

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