Paint Balling

Paint Balling

We got MESSY today whilst exploring the rotation schema. "Wtf is the rotation schema?!" I hear you scream silently at your phone. Well a 'schema' is a pattern of repeated behaviour that helps children explore and express their ideas through their play. There are many different learning schemas. The rotation schema is exploring things that go round and round.

I knew August was ready for an activity like this as he's shown interest in the rotational aspect of other play including the wheels on his ice cream truck, his uncle's football and spinning around in my arms. 

How to:
All you need is a container, some paper, some paint and some balls! These are two of the gorgeous metal spheres from @navybabynz - they're super reflective and I could see August was interested in the change in them when they were covered in paint! Use code 'zaziplays' at check out.

Set this play up for your little one and feel free to show them how tipping the tray and pushing the balls affect the paint - but don't be disheartened if your baby plays differently to how you expected. They play PERFECTLY for how they're learning. So if your baby tips everything out - that's fine! August tipped this out. He enjoyed the balls rolling across the deck, he enjoyed pushing the tray around as usual and he did some finger painting. Perfect! I learned lots about him as I watched! 

Ball Painting Fun

I chucked a plastic container filled with warm water on the deck for a quick clean up. Don't forget a towel like I did.

Watch how the activity went here 

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