Spray Bottle Play

Spray Bottle Play

Until they can use a spray bottle as a weapon to soak your entire home - things are only going to get a little bit wet, so hand over your squirty bottles!

This is the bottle I use to spritz plants. August has recently become obsessed with the cleaning sprays in the house and he's constantly reaching for them and saying 'spray'. So I followed his lead and gave him his own.

This activity is great for fine motor skills also - it takes a lot of effort to coordinate your fingers to squeeze a trigger!

This is one of those ENDLESS language activities because you can talk about anything they're spraying. Parts of your face, furniture, plants, outside. It's never ending. Play alongside your little one and label what they're spraying. I'm sad I didn't realise what Auggie was saying in the video - he's saying "spray nose" and I didn't pick up on it! Missed a teaching opportunity! Nevermind.

You could also use the spraying for a functional activity - e.g. Watering the plants or spraying furniture before wiping it down.

DO YOU DARE hand your baby a squirting device?!?! I want to see if you do!

Watch the fun play here

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