BYO Puddle

BYO Puddle

Yesterday in the park, August showed interest in a puddle and I couldn't let him explore it because it was just before naptime (in the pushchair) and I'd forgotten a change of clothes for him. I was GUTTED to have ruined his experience. We went looking for puddles today but it was too hot and dry! So I made our own at home.

We have this fab play tray. If we didn't, I would have drenched our lawn! I used the hose to put enough water in to make it puddle-deep then I modelled stomping in it. As you can see from the video - August decided he wanted to take it a step further and be sprayed with icy cold water - but that's fine! I did that as long as he wanted and then chucked him straight in a hot shower.

Clothes are just body coverings. Ask yourself - are you holding your little one back from exploring and playing as they want to because you don't want them to ruin expensive clothes?! Remember - play is learning, so if you're stopping them from playing, you're stopping them from learning. Waterproof suits / shell suits are awesome if you want to keep them mostly dry as they play. We have a Kathmandu bambino suit and a mum2mum waterproof suit and they're amazing.

Language opportunities:
Vocab - wet, cold, puddle, splash, step, one foot, two feet, jump, dip, dirty, dry, drip, in, out, fast, slow, gumboots, wellies, stomp.

Watch the water fun here

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