Smelling Jars

Smelling Jars

Are you thinking about ALL the senses when you're planning sensory play?! Don't forget their sense of smell! August absolutely loves it when we carry him to the cupboard and let him smell different things in there and we've done that with him since he was a baby. I wanted to make him his own smelling activity that he could access.

I found these salt and pepper shakers on sale at @countdown_nz. I dug through my cupboard for some smelly things and added them to the jar. I'll rotate these out the next time I get the activity out - we can find some nice smelly flowers!

For anything that you think might be tipped out through the holes, you could tear open a teabag or use a coffee filter and lie it across the top before you close the lid. There's coffee, herbs, paprika and chai teabags in our smelling jars!

Smelling Jar

Talk about what you can smell and what's in the jars and where it came from. "Ooh I can smell coffee, that smells nice, i like to have a cup of coffee". "Can you smell the flowers from our garden? They smell sweet. The bees like the flowers".

What would you put in yours?

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