Same toys, new tub

Same toys, new tub

August is sick so he can only engage in something for a short period of time before needing cuddles and a rest. We're also exhausted so there's no time for big toy rotations or interesting new sensory experiences. It's SURVIVAL! So how did we survive this afternoon? A new tub!

If you've been following for a while you'll have seen this tub before. It used to hold washing powder and we've used it in a couple of activities before. It's been out of rotation but it's SO much more exciting now that August can rediscover it and interact with it differently. It's meant we could leave out the same play food toys but suddenly he was way more interested in them because there was a new vessel to put them into and tip them out of. He engaged for ages and he's sick - so all of you with well babies might have even more success!!

This highlights the importance of toy rotation - even the most boring (to us) bits of toy can be the funnest thing in the room when rotated back into play. It also highlights the power of heuristic play - what seems like recycling to us can bring your little one so much joy and spark new interest in their current toys.

So find your containers. Ice cream tubs. Tupperware. Milo tins. Cookie tubs. Laundry bottles. Offer them to your little one and watch them go!

LANGUAGE - see how I used all the play food to retell the 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' story?! You don't need the real food! Any will do! Containers are a great opportunity to model POSITIONAL language. Like 'In', 'out', 'under', 'on' and 'next to'. E.g. "You've tipped it all out!" Or "put the blocks in!"

Watch the play here

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