Sheep Enquiry

Sheep Enquiry

August loves 'Where is the green sheep' book. He also loves a book with a lion but I figured a lion might be a little harder to bump into in NZ. I had all these big plans to do this enquiry with him then take him to see some sheep - but we're in lockdown. So - we just did as many sheepy things as we could.

We've been:
Singing old McDonald, reading 'where is the green sheep', looking at the sheep pages in other books, I showed him a real sheep on my ipad, we've sang 'little bo peep', cuddled our plush sheep and I made a sheep sticky wall. 

How to make a sticky wall:
This is contact paper. It's the stuff you cover text books in for school. If you don't have any - you could get creative and use some tape the wrong way around in strips. Or a normal bit of paper covered in glue stick.

Sticky wall

I taped it to the wall and gave August some paper circles and some cotton balls to stick to the sheep. This activity I'll leave out for a week and we'll add to it whenever he's interested. 

Choosing a topic and looking at it in different medias helps children to learn a word and understand that it looks different in different places. E.g. A toy sheep looks different to a sheep in a field and to a cartoon sheep. Also helps him understand what we're singing about. 

Sticky walls are great for gross motor development because of all the reaching, standing, sitting, squatting and balance. It uses hand eye coordination and also fine motor skills to pick up or pick off small pieces.

What animal would you choose for your baby?

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