Pop to the shops

Pop to the shops

Spot the mother that is having shopping withdrawals during lockdown 😬😬

Today I set up a shop for August. YES this is elaborate and I KNOW that most of you won't have a play-food obsession like me. This activity is ESSENTIALLY a game of putting smaller things in a big thing. So you can set up the same with little toys outside and a big tub. A large plastic container is ideal. A bigger babe can push it around and a smaller babe can sit or lie by it, even with it on its side, posting things in.

Food shopping

For us - this was an excuse for August to walk assisted with fewer barriers than in the lounge. There were many many language opportunities as I labelled the foods and talked about what to do with them. I was also able to model role play - pretending to eat the food and put things in the trolley. August used to always do the REAL shopping with me and we used the same language ''hold the carrots'', "let's get two potatoes", "put it IN the trolley".

finding something to buy

Think about what you have around the house to set up a posting/shopping game. You could even use REAL FOOD- it won't get damaged (much)! 

Watch how it went here

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