Ice Painting 🌈

Ice Painting 🌈

We did some icey painting today! It was a bit chilly outside but we had a blast - even if August preferred painting his feet than the paper. When he'd had enough - I put the paints back in their tubs and back in the freezer for another day - so this one will keep on giving. 

ice painting fun

You need: an ice cube tray or some little tubs. Water. Food colouring and lolly sticks. I'm an overachiever who owns coloured lolly sticks but any will do. If you don't have sticks - use some teaspoons or twigs!

Add half a cap of food colouring and top up with water. You want really deep colour. Stir, add sticks and freeze!

Excited to see some little artistes on the next sunny day!

Watch how to make them here

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