Scent Bags

Scent Bags

@navybabynz packages their toys in these gorgeous organza bags and I've been saving them for an activity!

Today we picked lavender when I spied a big bush of it in the Countdown car park! We had fun picking lavender together and then brought it home to explore.

Sensory play: remember - smell is a sense! So activities that are smelly are also fab for development! Isn't it magical to think that you can teach your little one that some plants smell wonderful? It must be mind blowing for them.

FINE MOTOR DEVELOPMENT: these bags are fiddly! It takes lots of coordination to pinch and pull the strings, or to put your fingers in to pull it open. We take this for granted but your little one needs lots of opportunities to practice.

You can hear in the videos that I'm using lots of repetition when I use the proposition 'in'. I want to teach August the meaning of the word 'in' as we place things IN the bag. This was also a great opportunity to practice 'open' and 'shut' as he fiddled with the bag. We didn't have lots of smelly plant options but if you do : LABEL THEM AND DESCRIBE THEM!

These bags are easy to get at your local $2 shop. OR use this as an excuse to get some @navybabynz

Bonus: lavender is calming! He better sleep well tonight!

Watch some of the experience here

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