Crayon Corner

Crayon Corner

I've taken to setting up August's little play table as a crayon corner in between snack times (as he sits here for his snacks if we're home). Whilst felt tips are easier mark-makers for beginners (see my post on making a mark) - crayons can't stain your carpet, curtains and couch if your child is left unattended!

This way - I can leave out this activity for August to engage in on his own, knowing that he doesn't need my help to put 

How: tape a big bit of paper down to a surface that's at your child's level. Tape all 4 sides! This is August's play table that we built him - there's a post about it in my feed. Provide some chunky crayons. The thicker the better as young children do not have the dexterity to grip and manage really thin crayons.

Development: in the beginning, children use crayons and pens with a fist-grip (watch here). Can you see how Auggie is holding the crayon tightly in his fist? It can take time to learn how to grip the crayon and then transfer some colour to the paper so little ones need lots of opportunity to try. With repetition and practice, your child's fine motor skills will develop enough for them to confidently make sustained marks.

Language: when I join in, I draw familiar things for August and talk through the steps. E.g. "I'm drawing a cat. Here's his body. He has four legs - one, two, three, four. Two pointy ears- one, two. A loooong tail - he wags his tail like this (mime wagging)! Two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Now he needs some whiskers..."

Is it time to create a crayon corner in your home?

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