Mystery Bag

Mystery Bag

August is truly in the 'enclosure schema' of play. This just means that he's really enjoying hiding things inside of other things, putting blankets/clothes over his head and crawling into small spaces. You need only watch your baby to learn about what they're into! I set up this super easy play experience to occupy him whilst I packed our things for an outing.

I gathered some items from different rooms in the house. Things that he doesn't have access to all the time. They were mostly everyday items like creams, utensils and keys, with a few toys mixed in too. I put them all into a drawstring bag that you can't see into.

I modelled for August the idea of dipping your hand in to get something out (instead of his usual shake and tip everything everywhere) then let him do what he wanted. It would have been fine if he chose to tip everything - today he didn't.

Language opportunities:
Can you hear how I'm waiting for August to talk first? I'm letting him make the first move and responding to whatever he says by building on that with more language.

E.g. August: "cream", Me: "cream goes on your leg". I try not to just copy whatever he's said because he won't learn the next step if I do that. I repeat it back and add a bit, using full and grammatically correct sentences.

This bag was gifted to us by @soulsisters_accessories and it's perrrrfect. You can of course use any bag you own. Or even a pillow case.

Watch the mystery bag discoveries here

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