Puzzling Puzzle Box

Puzzling Puzzle Box

I couldn't help myself - the box I brought my shopping home in was just BEGGING to be made into something. What better than a puzzling puzzle box?! This is a great activity both for babes who are into posting and those who are into emptying - best of both worlds. Holes in the top and sides provide opportunities for your baby to put things in or to peek inside and pull things out. This helps with body and spacial awareness to be able to get your arms to the right position in order to pull things out. It's also supporting problem solving skills.

The puzzling puzzle

Bonus - as usual - this makes everyday toys more fun again. Suddenly they're stuck in the puzzle box and your babe is happy to spend ages trying to get them out again! Winner!

How to:
📦 get a box. Shoe box or anything really.
📦 tape it closed on all sides.
📦 cut some holes in the top and sides.

📦 put some of your baby's favourite things in there. Also let them see you put things in.
📦 I've taped my box to a heavy oven tray because August bashes and tips up everything! You could try taping yours to something if you have a similar child!

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