Taste-safe Slime

Taste-safe Slime

We did this activity at our baby class. I bought cornflour weeks ago to do this activity at home but I'm so glad I did it with teachers who had done it before and knew what the consistency was meant to be!

When you mix cornflour (look in your baking aisle) with water it becomes a non-newtonian fluid. This means that it doesn't behave like a normal fluid - the feel of it changes depending on how much stress you put on it. E.g. When you pat this quickly it feels hard - like you're hitting a hard jelly, but when you slide your fingers in slowly it’s all slimy like a thick cake mixture. Imagine how mind blowing that would be for a baby?! Never mind the babies - all the adults in the class loved playing with this. 

How to:
💦 get a cup or two of cornflower and put it in a tray/ baking tray/ bowl / container of your choice.
💦 get some water. Add the water slowly and stir. You want the consistency to be thick and gloopy - NOT splashable like the first video before someone helped us thicken it! 🧠optional - add some drops of peppermint essence. 🧠optional - add food colouring. I am DEFINITELY going to add some colour when I do this again. 

GET MESSY. This stuff dries into a powder and then brushes off your clothes so it's not a big deal if it gets everywhere. You could opt to play this in the garden or in the bath to reduce the drama! Add some tools - maybe spoons or containers or cups for transferring the slime into. I challenge you to not enjoy this stuff - I could have played for hours! 

Watch the exploration here

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