Pom Pom Whisk

Pom Pom Whisk

Exactly what it says on the tin! I filled a whisk with some colourful pom poms to spark August's interest. He'd never seen pom poms before so it was all very new! I provided a glass jar for him to put the pom poms in. He wasn't ready to do this himself yet but I MODELLED it for him so he knows what he could do when he's ready. He enjoyed tipping them out! Glass jars are great for helping your little one start to understand object permanence (knowing that an object still exists when you put it in something/ when you can't see it). He did put some pom poms in his mouth. I observed closely - what a strange sensation to bite fluffy balls! He soon bored of that. Pom poms ARE a choking hazard - they're round. Bigger ones are better and you need to watch your baby closely and support them to do other things with the pom poms than put them in their mouth.

pom pom play

As usual with colourful activities - we were able to talk about the colours we could see. What I focussed on was POSITIONAL LANGUAGE. Positional language are our words like 'in, on, under, next to, behind' etc. As August played, I modelled phrases such as "take them OUT of the whisk" and "put them IN the jar". E.g. "You put a green one IN!"."You tipped them all OUT!"

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