Blue Goop

Blue Goop

Just a chill one this afternoon. I chucked the last of the cornflour I had into his play tray with a little bit of water and some blue food colouring. Did we both get stained blue? Yep. Is it a big deal? Absolutely not. Nobody died. We had some interesting conversations about having blue hands! We'll both be less blue after a shower.

If you haven't tried cornflour - you should. You don't have to add food colouring - you just add a bit of water, sometimes some nice scent like lavender or peppermint. If you mix it just right, it makes ooblek - a substance that is hard when you tap it quickly but runny if you move it slowly. Fascinating - I swear it's more interesting for adults than kids.

I put too much water in (story of my life) but Auggie had no idea and loved splashing blue stuff everywhere. We put his little plastic frogs and bugs in there. This activity was outside and I put Auggie in his mum2mum wet suit thing. There was zero clean up coz the ooblek dries and wipes off. The tray can be hosed down. There's just no excuse not to give this a try. Easy mess!

Watch the fun here

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