Easy way to keep your baby busy

Easy way to keep your baby busy

Tummy time WIN.

The more time our little ones spend on the floor completely free to move their bodies, the better.

It can be tempting to want to plonk them into their high chair or some other contraption when we’re trying to get things done because we want them to be safe and occupied long enough to let us achieve something. But have you heard of a ‘yes space?’.

A yes space is an area of your home that you make totally baby proof so your little one can explore at will without getting into something they shouldn’t, getting hurt or being told “no”. It’s so empowering for them and is better for them gross-motor development than being placed into something like an exersaucer or a bouncer. After all- babies need to PRACTICE skills like rolling, reaching and sitting up, so the more practice time the better.

Once you’ve set up your yes-space, try this activity. The key here is making noise!! It becomes such an exciting sensory game when the bowl makes a big noise against the floor, their hands and the items in it. You can put anything in there - my kids LOVED random things out of the kitchen like whisks and wooden spoons.

Tried a bang bang bowl?! Tag us in your play for us to share!

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