Connetix Creations

Connetix Creations

We’re loving these at the moment so I had to do a post about them. Magnetic tiles are fab for so many reasons:
🧐 fine motor skills - holding and manipulating the shapes
🧐 problem solving skills - what to make? How to make it? What next?
🧐 language skills - talking about which pieces you need, what you’re making, how it all fell down
🧐 independent play - trust me, these keep kids busy
🧐 persistence and perseverance - keep going and keep trying until it works
🧐 mathematical thinking skills - which shape? How does it fit with the others? How many do I need?
🧐 imaginative play skills - making something imaginary for you! An imaginary house or bed or vehicle.

Think of something they’re really into and make building about that. We started with building ‘bins’ (what else?!) but quickly realised that Auggie really liked building beds and houses for his toys. He’s really motivated by making something for someone else, and this has really grabbed his attention - much more than leaving him to randomly explore. He feels he has a purpose. We got these for August at Christmas when he was 1.5 and it took a while for him to warm to them but now he asks for his connetix every day.

Watch Auggie build here.

We bought our connetix from @playitforwardnz. Kmart sell a similar product but all reviews seemed to say that the magnets weren’t as strong - so I just invested in these. They’re so worth it, in my opinion. 

Is your little one into magnetic tile building??

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