Indoor Camping

Indoor Camping
Here's a gentle reminder to pitch a tent indoors! Especially if you're not a camping person (like me!). Kids love enclosed spaces - even when it's not all that enclosed like in this beach tent. My mam put this up for August and he immediately collected all the cushions in the house and made it all cosy. The tent stayed up all week and it became his favourite place to read stories. As we tip into the colder weather - this will be the perfect indoor activity.

It's time you remembered all your excellent fort building skills from your childhood (and maybe uni?!) days. Think bedsheets, the clothes horse, pegs, sofa cushions etc. Make it big enough so you can both get in and enjoy the experience.

🗣 Read books in your camp
🗣 Bring teddies and dolls so that you can model language to look after them and talk for them. "Come sit here, teddy". "Can I join in with the story?"
🗣 talk about what you need to find to take into your camp. Snacks? Cushions? A torch? Water? Blankets?
🗣 talk about how you feel. Warm? Cosy? Excited?

Yep - I want to see your camps.

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