Why I let my toddler make cups of tea

Why I let my toddler make cups of tea

Kids love independence.

I always give august the opportunity to join in with whatever I’m making. Here are a few reasons:

1. It develops his independence and life skills. Practice and repetition of any daily activity helps children to learn all the steps involved so they can replicate it in the future.

2. Gross and fine motor skill development. Tipping and pouring and stirring and moving the tea bag are all great ways to practice engaging muscles in different ways to perform functional tasks.

3. Risk taking practice under supervision. It’s actually great for kids to take risks - that’s how they learn. Kids who are wary of taking risks may not put themselves in situations where they can learn something new. Being able to do something obviously risky but with my support boosts August’s confidence in himself.

4. Sequencing practice. We talk about each step as we do it. A lot of life is sequencing, e.g. we don’t wash our hands BEFORE going to the toilet. It’s important for children to be able to understand and talk about things in sequence, as that’s how we tell stories and convey information.

5. Social development. What’s better than a chat over a cup of tea?

6. Learning to do something nice for someone. I love a cup of tea! And let me tell you it was so so cute to hear August say “I’ll get your favourite cup and make tea for you, mammy”.

Kids are always more capable than we give them credit for. Next time you’re cooking or making a cup of tea, let your little one help as much as they can. It’s so great for their development.

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