Try this Easy Top when Spoon feeding your Baby

Try this Easy Top when Spoon feeding your Baby

Something for you to think about if you are spoon feeding your baby. You really want them to eat right. We’re invested in it.

So what we tend to do is scrape it up off the lip, off the top of the gums to get it in their mouth like this and that’s making your baby quite passive in the process of eating.

We want them to use their lips to close them around the spoon to get the food off there and strengthen these muscles round the mouth.

Instead of putting the spoon in and scraping, I want you to think about putting the spoon in and pulling it out at the same angle. So you want to put it in and have them close their mouth and then pull it out. It might not mean that all of it comes off the spoon but that’s not important.

What you’re teaching your baby is to close their mouth instead of being passive in the experience.

Try it – It’ll support them to be more competent, confident eaters.

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