When to Sign 'Finished'

When to Sign 'Finished'

It’s SO GOOD when kids can sign to tell you’re they’re totally done with something. It can bypass so many meltdowns as they don’t need to cry to tell you they want to move on.

Teaching ‘finished’ is as simple as signing it yourself every time something is all done. Just like you always wave to say goodbye - you’re signing in the moment to teach its meaning. 


You can teach your child how to tell you they’re all done by consistently signing “finished” at the end of activities. 

Here are some ideas for when to signing finished - it won’t be long until your little one imitates. It may just look like them shaking their arms at first - so watch closely!

  • When they don’t want any more good
  • When you’ve changed their nappy
  • At the end of a story
  • When switching to another activity
  • When they’re done with a toy
  • Once you’ve put their clothes on

Has anyone managed this already? When does your child tell you they’re finished?

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