How to Have a conversation with your Baby

How to Have a conversation with your Baby

Imitation is magic. Check out my ‘language’ and ‘temptations’ highlight for more tips on supporting your little one to start talking.

This may just look like noise making, but it’s actually an early conversation.

Get face to face and at eye level with your baby and wait for them to initiate the conversation.


Then whatever they say, you imitate. Try to keep the interaction going – just like you’re taking turns in a conversation.

If they stop, you stop and wait for them to initiate the conversation again.

Waiting is key. This teaches your little one that when they communicate, they get something, their actions control your response.

They’ll likely to enjoy the interaction way more than if you were talking at them.

This doesn’t mean that we just make noises to babies and don’t use full words with them – far from it. This is a tool for teaching. It teaches your baby to look at you, to lead, to share, focus, to choose the activity, to imitate you and observe other social skills.

It’s particularly great for children with a diagnosis of/or suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder. Try it!

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