How do you Know if your Child’s saying Mama or Dada to mean You?

How do you Know if your Child’s saying Mama or Dada to mean You?

The /m/ and the /d/ sound are some of the earliest to develop so it’s not uncommon for children to start babbling these sounds. And you can’t forgive parents for being optimistic and thinking that they’re saying their name.

We all want to hear our child say mama or dada. But in reality a lot of the time before that sort of nine month mark our children are just experimenting with their mouths.

If you want to know whether it’s the real deal, you need to look at these things.

  1. It needs to look consistent over a period of time.
    You need to see that your child is saying dada dada every time dad walks in the room or comes close if sometimes they’re still babbling when dad walks in the room then that’s not consistent
  2. It needs to be intentional.
    Your child needs to be looking at the person that they’re talking about as if they’re trying to get their attention. It can’t just be that they’re babbling and daddy just walks in by chance
  3. It needs to be in the right context.
    It can’t be that they’re babbling when they’re looking at a sheep. Needs to be when they’re looking at pictures of their mum or you think they’re trying to request mom.

You’re looking for consistency, is it intentional and is it in the right context.

If you’re super keen for first words, remember that signing is also a first word.

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