Sign with us: Dear Zoo

Sign with us: Dear Zoo

Let's add some books to our repertoire!

Dear Zoo is a favourite of ours - it has a really great rhythm, it's simple, it has animals, it has lift the flaps, it has repetitive language and it has suspense. What more could a kid ask for?

We've started to add the signs to this story so that one day August might be able to sign which animal is sent next. This goes nicely alongside the 'books alive' box I made for him with all the plastic animals from the story - see my feed for details.

Watch this video. See how all the signs kind of relate to the animals? After a few tries (maybe on your own with chocolate and a cup of tea) - you'll start to remember them.
Try sitting down with your little one to read face to face. Put the book between you. You know the story off by heart anyway, let's face it. YOU want to be the exciting one in this interaction because you're being expressive and doing new things with your hands - sit so your baby wants to look at your face. Make it fun!! The more often you can repeat this the better! .

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