Bringing the Ducky Song to life

Bringing the Ducky Song to life

You've all probably sang this song before. Your babe probably loved it - but have they any idea what you're singing about?

I've turned this song into a water play game by adding some actual ducks, giving some CONTEXT to the song. August can now see the animals I'm singing about, start to understand the word 'duck' and see the changes as ducks swim away - all whilst listening to a familiar song that he likes! This is also fab for counting, 1:1 matching (being able to count out a number of objects), memory and coordination.

See how I pause after 'Mammy duck said'? That the bit where I'm introducing a TURN that August could take - using his hand to pretend to be a duck. That will be his communication attempt. I'm modelling this for him until he can do it back to me. See my other post on 'familliar action songs'. Also this is water play - what babe doesn't love water play?

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